The Sea's Kin are one of the factions present in Atloria.

They are represented with the colour blue.

Before the Fourth AgeEdit

The Kin were nobles who ruled major cities on the mainland. During the second age, they drove the Redbears out of their homelands. Resourceful and won over by many due to their supposingly perfect lifestyles, the Kin are extremely corrupt. If you have money, you rule over all.

Lord Hraldvar was the Kin's leader during the third age. He declared war on the Redbears after the execution of Sir Glenvig. Acting foolishly, the Redbears got the upper hand on them, until they bribed the Reihja, a faction from the south coming to take part in the conquest. Hradlvar was assassinated and Lord Folde took over reign. Folde treated the Reihja like scum, which they did not take kindly. The Kin started to defend themselves due to the suspicion of the fight with the Reihja, who were much stronger than them.

Their dispute was interrupted by the arrival of the First. Folde was slain by one of many Messora, and the two factions panicked and joined together to form a new faction known as the Alliance. They fled south as the Great Flood took place.

During the Fourth AgeEdit

Disputes within the Alliance have taken place, and a new Sea's Kin was formed in honour of the old. They respect the Alliance but not the new Reihja, which was also formed because of the disputes.

Notable MembersEdit