The Redbears are one of the factions present in Atloria.

They are represented with the colour red.

Before the Fourth AgeEdit

The Redbears were a very traditional faction, and were known for their farms and produce. They traded lots with the King's Guard and the Sea's Kin back in the first age. But over time, the Kin desired their resourceful lands and drove the Redbears out of their homelands. They put down the hoe and picked up the sword that day.

Having lived in the Kin's shadow for too long, they decided that it was the time to strike. After ambushing Sir Glenvig, they sent word to the Kin that they wanted their lands back. Knowing that the Kin would refuse, and a war would begin, they began preparing armies. Lord Hraldvar requested that Glenvig was to be unharmed or else. The Bears cared not for the Lord's message and executed Glenvig, which started the Great War.

They lost a lot of smaller villages to begin with, but they were the better warriors. They easily captured major blue cities and started to gain the upper hand. The arrival of the Reihja was not in their favour, as they had made a deal with the Kin. Even after the successful assassination of Hraldvar, they were no match for the Reihja and the Kin, so a new mission was at hand. The Redbears sent a major group southwards to the south lands to set up new settlements and to find the Reihja's lands.

After the arrival of the Messora, the remaining Redbears on the mainland were all killed. The migrated members received word and decided to finally stop fighting in the war.

During the Fourth AgeEdit

The Redbears take up a peaceful life once again, until they are confronted with a Reihja scout ship. They are informed that the Sea's Kin is still out there, as well as the Alliance. The Redbears know they are not safe and once again must prepare for battle. They have a neutral relationship with the Reihja.