The King's Guard are one of the factions present in Atloria. They are found in Valethport.

They are represented with the colour white.

Before the Fourth AgeEdit

The King's Guard were known throughout the mainland as protectors of the capital. They were one of the original factions that were formed after the departure of the Servants. They did not get involved with any affairs involving the other factions.

They chose not to act during the Great War. Instead, during the late third age, they began to construct a massive fleet of boats. Many speculated that they were going to try and put an end to the conflict, but they did not do anything.

They were severely affected by the Messora outbreak, due to the fact that they ruled over the mainland. They battled with many, and were the first faction to confront the First.

Most of the faction migrated south to the province of Atloria during the Great Flood. They founded the new capital, Valethport and concealed it away from the others using a magical mist.

During an expedition, many key members of the King's Guard were lost due to unknown causes. Some say the Messora was responsible.

During the Fourth AgeEdit

The King's Guard stand in defence at Valethport. Whilst other surviving factions are on the edge of starting a war, their focus is to try and protect Atloria against the Messora threat.

Notable MembersEdit