The Great War was a battle that took place on the mainland during the third age. It was ended when the Messora invaded and the Great Flood took place.

The Capture of Sir GlenvigEdit

Members of the Redbears capture Sir Glenvig of the Sea's Kin whilst he is travelling to the capital. A message is sent to Lord Hraldvar of the Sea's Kin informing him of his imprisonment. The Redbears demand that the Kin should be punished for driving them out of their homelands during the second age. The Kin refuses the blackmail and commands that Glenvig should be returned back to them unharmed otherwise they will declare war. Ignoring the Kin's orders, Glenvig is executed and the two factions prepare for war.

The Arrival of the ReihjaEdit

It begins with the Kin attacking weaker opposing villages. Unaware to the Kin, the Redbears attack a major city and successfully take over. Unknown to both factions, people from the south known as the Reihja have arrived on the mainland. They received word that war was ongoing and saw an opportunity. The lands of the south are full of seas and islands, and the Reihja are excellent sailors. They start to take over coastal towns to the east whilst battles go on in the west.

The Sea's Kin is not in good shape, and after the arrival of the Reihja, they seem to be in a bad situation. Lord Hraldvar sends a message to the Reihja's leader and offers them riches in exchange for a treaty. The Reihja are overcome with a lust for weath, and greedily accept the Kin's offer. They focus on the Redbears whilst the Kin recovers.

Downfall of the RedbearsEdit

The Redbears are no match for the Reihja's forces and start to dwindle in numbers. A major group sails to the south lands to set up secret settlements that would be used to scout the Reihja's lands. They land in the south safely, but back in the north the Redbears are falling. The Kin take over major Redbear cities, but slight disagreements have come to be regarding the Reihja. The Kin and the Reihja stop focusing on the Redbears and start to focus on defending their cities in case that the treaty goes to ruin.

The Messora OutbreakEdit

Word has got around that a being of shadow has descended from the Sky Realm. Many consider it a distraction by the Reihja, but weeks later the Reihja are proved innocent. A evil deity known as the First starts to slaughter everyone with his seemingly immortal army of the Messora. The Kin and the Reihja put their differences aside and form a new faction known as the Alliance, and focus on fleeing to the south lands, where it is safe. The remaining Redbears on the mainland are wiped out by the Messora attacks. The King's Guard flee southwards too, after a mass confrontation with the First. A raging storm starts to occur, and goes on for many months. Dünya's sea levels start to rise drastically and continents are flooded. The Messora are trapped on the mainland and are submerged with everyone else.

The remaining survivors of the Alliance set up new cities on southern islands. The Redbears' southern civilisations manage to survive and begin life anew, without any other faction knowing. The King's Guard sent word to the Alliance that they have survived too, but their location will not be revealed due to the protection of King Corlan.