Crude Diagram of proposed Wind and Wave mechanic


Ships need wind to move. Wind can come from any direction, and at any force. Travelling closer to the direction of the wind will make you faster, whilst travelling against it will make you slower and slightly force your ship in the wind's direction by torque. You cannot travel against the wind. If your sails are raised, then wind will not affect you.

Later in the game you can obtain prayers that allows you to change the wind's force and direction.


Waves occur when there is a wind blowing. They travel in the direction of the wind and will push boats in their direction. The higher the wind level, the bigger the wave power. With more wave power, they will have a stronger affect on the boat's direction. Smaller waves will apply slight force in their direction, whilst larger


Sometimes when hit with a large force, the crew will stagger. If staggered, they will lose control of the current action they were doing momentarily. If the person at the wheel is staggered, they will not turn against the wind and will cause the ship to rotate quickly, which will increase stagger time.

Sailing Commands

  • Halt - The ship's sails are raised
  • Head (direction) - Sail in the desired direction
  • Pursue (target) - Start pursuing the desired target
  • Brace - Prevents staggering