And so the race of Men flourished under the watchful eye of those who made them. The world of Dünya was soon filled with little men and women, scurrying about like ants on a nest.

They taught the Men many great things; farming, masonry, the ability to read and write. Soon the Human race was becoming enlightened and civilised in its own right.

They praised their unseen creators like Gods, and came to revere them for Their great and mystical powers.

To the leaders of men, They taught some of Their secrets. They explained science, art, literature, technology, allowing Men to expand to their wildest dreams.

A side-effect of their creation was that some truly great Men could percieve and understand the flow of Djinn magic. To these select few, They gave Their greatest secrets.

To these enlightened men, they taught how to manipulate the Djinn magic with their minds. Some could spout great flames from their hands. Others could lift objects from the ground. A few could manipulate the great waves of the ocean, forcing them to do their bidding. Some could even cause the earth itself to crack.

The possibilities of this new form of Djinn magic were endless. They taught us to store magic in gems and lamps, so its energy can be harnessed easily and quickly, and kept for emergencies.

These great men used the magic to ensure peace and order was maintained throughout Dünya. They named them Wizards, for their skill with magic could rival no other being.

Thanks to the Wizards and their Djinn magic, Dünya enjoyed prosperity and order. The race of men began to spread and discover new lands.

To the south, the men found great plains and wild savannahs. The men here were fierce and noble of heart, and dark in complexion. Soon they grew tall and strong, with long pointed ears. They adopted a nomadic lifestyle, hunting and living from the land.

They became known for their great festivals and skill in combat, and soon adapted to the harsh lifestyle of the plains on which they lived.

These men became Elves.

Some ventured deep into the west. Here, they found endless desert. At its centre lay a great oasis, and here, upon a great island in a lake, the men made their home. They established many trade routes for the exotic fruits and spices they found, and harnessed the mighty geckons as their mounts.

The men soon grew short and fat from their wealth, and dressed themselves in fine silks and metals. Even through this, they maintained a kind and inquisitive spirit, and became known for their skill with technology and constant urge to explore new lands for goods to trade.

These men became Dwarves.

They watched the world grow, and they became happy.

However, their Servants, the original life sustained by Djinn energies, began to falter and die. Their subservient and unconcious nature could not sustain the Djinn magic for so long, and they began to seek alternatives.

One of Them seeked to create an equal; a being of Djinn magic with the mental capabilities of one of Them, but retaining the calm and subservient nature of the Servants; the ultimate assistant.

One again, they began to mould the Djinn energy from the rift; this time, taking the pure energies and forming it into a being.

Thus the First came to be. A creature of dark and pulsating energies lay foetus-like in the centre of the chamber, surrounded by Their finest philosophers.

The First wearily stood upon his fragile limbs and opened his arms to the congregation. He held no shape, like a shadow given solid form, yet all could see him, clear as day.

And in his large, child-like eyes, burnt the ancient fires of the Djinn.

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